Letter of Interest


Community applications for Solarize NYC, Round 2 are closed. Solarize NYC, Round 3 will open in Fall 2017.

The NYC Solar Partnership is currently accepting letters of interest for Solarize NYC, Round 2. Please complete the Full‑Form Application to be considered for a campaign.

The NYC Solar Partnership encourages Communities to submit a brief Letter of Interest (LOI) to the Solarize NYC program. Submitting an LOI is optional; however, Community Applicants must complete a Full-Form Application to be considered for a Solarize NYC campaign.

An LOI introduces Community Applicants to the NYC Solar Partnership. LOI submitters will be notified of public information sessions on Solarize NYC prior to the Full-Form Application submission date. Submitting an LOI is not required to attend a public information session. Please answer the five questions below, complete the LOI letter template (limit 750 words), and submit to solarize@cuny.edu.


Download the LOI template and edit to include the following information:

  1.   Please include features that bind your Community together, such as:
  • Geographic area
  • Demography
  • Membership in an organization
  • Solar market customer segment
  • Type of building stock
  • Any other relevant details
  1.  Describe your Community’s interest in clean energy and goals for participating in Solarize NYC.
  1. Describe the potential Community Volunteers who will lead this application and the subsequent Solarize NYC campaign. This includes the Community Volunteers’:
  • relationship to the Community
  • experience with or knowledge of solar
  • experience with community outreach
  • any other relevant details
  1. Describe any additional partnerships or relationships that may be leveraged to assist with the Solarize NYC campaign. This includes Individuals or organizations who may:
  • individuals or organizations who may help run the program
  • individuals or organizations that may help with outreach and marketing
  • individuals or organizations who may provide other support to the campaign.
  1. Please indicate whether or not these individuals and organizations have already expressed an interest in supporting the campaign.

Letters (limit 750 words) can be emailed to solarize@cuny.edu


Download a Word version of the LOI template here.

[Your Name]
[Your Organization, if applicable]
[Your Address]
[Your City, State, Zip Code]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email]
[Enter Date]

NYC Solar Partnership, c/o Sustainable CUNY
395 Hudson Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Dear NYC Solar Partnership,
I am writing on behalf of [Your Community Name] to express interest in participating in Solarize NYC Round 1. We learned about Solarize NYC from [How you heard about Solarize NYC], and we believe we have the necessary resources and experience to put together an effective Solarize campaign in the upcoming round of the program running in Fall 2016.

[Answers to the 5 questions listed above]

Thank you for your time and consideration. The best times for the other Community Volunteers and I to attend a public information session on Solarize NYC are [Provide 3 dates and times in the coming 6 weeks during which the Community Volunteers are available to attend a public information session, and also indicate preference for in-person or online information sessions].

[Your Name(s)]

Letters (limit 750 words) can be emailed to solarize@cuny.edu