Solarize NYC

Solarize NYC is a core component of New York City’s strategy to expand access to clean, reliable, and affordable solar power for all New Yorkers.

In addition to supporting the City’s goal of installing 1 GW of solar capacity on private property by 2025, Solarize NYC’s mission is to reduce barriers for communities that have historically had limited access to solar by providing informational resources, simplifying the process, and offering discounted pricing. Solarize NYC supports the local solar industry by stimulating demand for local installers and reducing their customer acquisition costs by educating and coordinating groups of customers.

What is Solarize?

Solarize campaigns are short-term, local, community-led initiatives that bring together groups of potential solar customers through outreach, education, simplified purchase processes, and bulk discounts. The Solarize model helps customers choose pre-vetted solar installation companies or companies that offer competitive, transparent pricing. Solarize programs leverage community purchasing to bring down the installed cost of solar for all participants. The typical solarize model has three hallmarks:

  1. Competitive selection of pre-vetted installers
  2. Community-led outreach and education
  3. Limited-time opportunity for discounted rooftop solar
Solarize campaigns reduce prices through transparent competition, lower customer acquisition costs, and economies of scale. Numerous variations on the Solarize model have emerged to allow room for creativity and innovation at a community level.

What is a Community?

Eligible communities could be membership associations, parent-teacher groups, faith organizations, advocacy groups, neighborhoods or Community Board Districts, affordable housing programs, employees of large companies, labor units, etc. Communities whose members self-identify but don't have formal memberships are also invited. All members of a community do not need to participate in Solarize campaigns. Community applicants will have the opportunity to tell the NYC Solar Partnership how their community is defined, whether the boundaries are geographic or otherwise.

Solarize NYC Campaigns

Solarize NYC provides resources and assistance to successful community applicants including:

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT from the City to organize and run a campaign
  • MARKETING MATERIALS and templates for outreach
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE and volunteer training from Solar Ombudsmen
  • CONNECTIONS TO PARTNERS to help you run your campaign